Fenty Beauty

This project was assigned as part of the "Visual Storytelling" course at VCU Brandcenter.

The Ask:

Concept and produce a :30 second commercial for Fenty Beauty about a piece of the brand that makes it unique.


INSIGHT: Empowerment is not only felt in grand gestures but also in the quiet confidence that accompanies women in their daily routines. Fenty Beauty is a catalyst for this everyday empowerment, offering products that make women feel seen and confident.

APPROACH: Highlight the transformative power of Fenty Beauty products in enhancing women's confidence as they navigate their day. Using a 9:16 aspect ratio and split-frame style, the commercial showcases close-ups of women applying Fenty Beauty makeup juxtaposed with wider scenes of their daily lives, emphasizing the seamless integration of empowerment and beauty.

GOAL: This commercial aims to redefine beauty advertising by illustrating the intrinsic link between beauty products and everyday empowerment. It invites viewers to see Fenty Beauty not just as makeup, but as a tool for self-expression and confidence across all facets of life.

TECH SPECS: The visuals were shot on a Sony A7SIII in SLOG-3 and color graded in Adobe Premiere Pro. The voice over was generated using Eleven Labs and processed in Adobe Audition. The entire project was then compiled and edited within Adobe Premiere Pro.


Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by myself.

Actor: Malaz Elamin

Actor: Tooba Rizwan

Actor: Sarah Mahdawi

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