This project, "Brand Love," was part of our "Creative Thinking" course at VCU Brandcenter, assigned to my team and me.

The Ask:

"Sometimes—most times—we are not the target audience for what we're working on and we have to make ads for products we don't personally use or jive with. Love it or loathe it, we gotta find the magic.

Identify a product you loathe (or maybe just don't use) and then, surprise!, you have to flip the script and create a one minute brand essence video for the product creatively showing the unique selling proposition."




TRUTH: In the fast-paced world of snack preparation, convenience is king. Consumers seek products that simplify their lives, offering both time savings and ease of use.

INSIGHT: The PB & J sandwich, a staple in many households, often involves a somewhat messy and time-consuming process of using separate jars of peanut butter and jelly. Goober PB & J Stripes revolutionizes this process by combining both ingredients in one jar, significantly reducing preparation time and simplifying the process.

IDEA: To creatively highlight this, we envisioned a PB & J sandwich-making contest. Our protagonist, an underdog, competes against the champion, Double Wielding Butter Knife Bob, and showcases Goober's convenience by swiftly preparing a sandwich with "Just One Schmear!"

TECH SPECS: The visuals were shot on a Sony A7SIII in SLOG-3 and color graded in Adobe Premiere Pro. The Audio was shot on a Tentacle Sync Track E Lav Microphone and processed in Adobe Audition. The entire project was then compiled and edited within Adobe Premiere Pro.


Co-Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by myself.

Co-Wrote and Portrayed "Double Wielding Butter Knife Bob": Boyan Zlatarski

Co-Wrote and Portrayed "Competitor #1": Aisling Deane

Co-Wrote, Storyboarded, and Portrayed "The Underdog": Graham Bartal

Co-Wrote and Portrayed "Competition Announcer": Rhiannon Newman

Co-Wrote and Portrayed "Competitor #2": Isabella Vergara

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