Summer Break Chronicles


IDEATION: In this photo series, I aimed to capture the elusive essence of childhood nostalgia. Each frame is imbued with the wild joy of youth under the stark, golden glow of the sun, inviting viewers to relive the pure, unbridled happiness of sunny summer days as a child.

INSPIRATION: The inspiration came from a mixture of personal memories and a yearning for simpler times. I was particularly influenced by the golden, ethereal quality of sunlight during summer, which often serves as a backdrop for many childhood memories. This project was driven by a desire to offer an escape or a sense of comfort to the audience, reminding them of a time when joy was found in the simplest of activities.

EXECUTION: In executing this series, I focused on capturing candid moments of children at a backyard summer fundraiser, entrenched in the warm, blaring light of the sun. The choice of lighting was crucial - the harsh light allowed me to capture these photos at a high aperture, making every detail tack sharp and blending the location with the subject. My photographic technique involved a mix of spontaneous shots and lightly directed scenes to truly capture the essence of unbridled happiness and freedom.

Overall, this photo series is my heartfelt tribute to the joys of childhood, executed with a keen eye for light, emotion, and the universal human experience.

TECH SPECS: All photos were taken on a Sony A7RIII with a 24-70mm lens and a Godox V1-S flash.

Song: TC4 - Caracas (Mixed)

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