Intro video:

This project, "Side Hustle," was part of our "Creative Thinking" course at VCU's Brandcenter.

The Ask:

"You and your team will concept and create a side-hustle entrepreneurial project. This could include creating a product, or tangible item, doing some action/service, or some creative endeavor."

Our side hustle concept:

My team and I established a Design Studio and chose VCU Brandcenter as our inaugural client. Our first project involved designing a new merchandise line for the Brandcenter's Scholarshop, with all proceeds supporting student scholarships.

Business Foundations:

- Mission Statement:

waagy is a budding design studio concentrating on proving there is community innate in good creative work.

- Manifesto:

Our aim is to connect people through narrative-focused visual work. our small and dedicated team was brought together by destiny, specifically the vcu brandcenter. we discovered that we all share an interest in creating good, client-focused work that benefits the communities we hold dear. we believe in providing clients with creative solutions that are bolstered by our passion for social causes and philanthropy. we approach every task with the mindset that it can be turned into a passion project.


- Primary Colors:
- Logomark:
- typefaces:
Lookbook with Brandcenter Merch designs:

This project was a collaborative effort between Ross Atkinson, Bailey Wood, and myself.

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